About the ASJ

The Australian Security Journal provides a commentary on online and offline security, legal, community, and policing issues that impact upon our daily lives. While the site is in now well and truly in its infancy, we have plans to build the website into far more of a broad security resource.

The website has existed since 2002 but it’s always been hidden and password protected so that forum members could engage in discussions without entanglements or interference from their employers. The decision was made recently to build a public front end as a means to disseminate the expertise and passion from those that have contributed to our community over the last 12 years.

The ASJ has no connection or affiliation with any police force or service.

Third Party Articles

Articles published from The Conversation (used to initially populate the website with initial source material) are done so in compliance with the Creative Commons Licence . Articles from other online magazines are done so with permission (we have good relationships with Government magazines such as ThePointMagazine.com.au).


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