Man Drives a Wingless Plane to the Pub

Police in Western Australia are busy reading up on their road rules in an effort to determine an appropriate charge for a Newman man after he taxied his two-seat Beechcraft Skipper training aircraft into the carpark of the infamous Purple Pub about 2.10pm today.

Anthony Whiteway, a 37-year-old local, had just purchased the disassembled aircraft from a private residence and was taking it home when he stopped by the well known watering hole for a drink.

Police were called a short time later and reportedly found the aircraft’s engine running with the propeller spinning.

Plane Pub 3 Pub Plane 1 Pub Plane 2

Since the wings (normally) contain the fuel tanks, a makeshift fuel supply was hand crafted in the cockpit with exposed fuel lines running behind the firewall.

Whiteway was subjected to a roadside breathtest before the aircraft was towed from the scene. He is due to appear in court on the 18th of November.

The story was first reported on the WA Police Facebook page (and on Twitter), quickly picked up by Flight Magazine, and has since become global news.

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