Matt Moran Gives a Cooking Demonstration to Show the Effect of Heat in Your Unattended Vehicle

Celebrity chef Matt Moran has teamed up with children’s injury prevention charity Kidsafe for a demonstration of the dangers of leaving children (or animals) in hot vehicles. Matt Moran summoned a large media group to Sydney’s Bondi Beach to demonstrate his “unconventional oven”. He starts off with a cooking demonstration, only to reveal during the cook the details of his oven: the family car.

Sitting, exposed to the sun all day, two oven trays with lamb and a sprinkling of olive oil were placed inside the car, one on the dashboard, and another on the centre console.

Temperatures inside a parked car can be up to 20-30 degrees hotter than external temperatures; it doesn’t need to be a 40° day for a vehicle to be deadly.

Matt Moran with his unconventional oven

Temperatures within a vehicle increase extremely quickly. 75% of the temperature rise occurs within the first 5 minutes of parking the car and 90% within 15 minutes. Under such conditions a child left in a car can quickly dehydrate and suffer from serious harm.

Both sides of lamb were removed after a couple of hours from the car… with Moran making the comment that they were overdone. The car reached a peak temperature of 83 degrees Celsius.

The message is clear: don’t leave children or animals in your vehicle.

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