Melted Snow Points Police to Pot

A Netherlands house drew suspicion after its roof wasn’t covered in snow like the terraces either side. Every other house on the block in Haarlem , a city about 11 miles west of Amsterdam, was covered in snow, making the house look extremely suspicious.

A raid was uncovered revealing a stockpile of Marijuana plants under heated lamps.

From DailySmoker : In a standard, well ventilated grow room the optimal temperature tends to be between 24-29°C (75-85 degrees Fahrenheit). There are other factors that can warrant higher temperatures. For example, if you are enriching your cannabis crops with extra carbon dioxide then you will need higher temperatures for it to be efficient, usually around 30-32 degrees Celsius (86-90 degrees Fahrenheit).

The temperatures used to grow the crop are quite high and usually at odds with temperatures that one would reasonable be expected in a home. Cultivating cannabis in a roof is used to grow an inferior plant but it provides plenty of ventilation. Growing the CO2 enhanced crops are usually found in basements… or so we’re told.

Police arrested the occupants and tweeted an image of the home with its missing U-shaped patch of snow.

Translation: Look in your district to the rooftops. No snow? Possible #cannabis. Call 0900-8844 or 0800-7000 anonymously. ^ ps.

While the Netherlands is known for its relaxed attitude on cannabis, residents are not allowed to grow more than five cannabis plants or carry more than five grams (or 0.17 ounces) of the plant.

Police will often use anything “out of the ordinary” as a means test to determine criminal activity. Dark houses, unusual foot traffic, excessive water or power usage, or large heat signatures will often provide enough intelligence to police to justify inquires.

In 2013, the West Midlands Police department released a video that showed a plantation in Birmingham as seen through a helicopter mounted thermal-imaging camera.

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YouTube Video: Cannabis hot-house rumbled from the skies thanks to heat camera. 0 views.

All Australian Police services carry thermal imaging equipment on board most of their aircraft. Using the equipment to locate illicit cannabis plantations (or establishing reasonable suspicion) is one of the many uses.

Image: Police video using a thermal camera to record a car doing doughnuts in Logan, south of Brisbane.

So, for all you dopers, consider this post an education.

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