No Sex for Thai Teens this Valentines

Image: Thai Teens are having sex earlier than ever before as they indulge in traditional western traditions such as Valentines Day. Source: User cyberpor on Flickr.

Googling “Sex in Thailand” doesn’t necessarily reflect the image that the Government’s former Center for the Promotion of National Strength on Moral Ethics and Values (Moral Center) will want you to see. The Governement organisation, now simply known as the Moral Protection Centre , want local Thailand Teens to refrain from sexual promescuity this Valientines Day, and they’ve launched a spectacularly lustless campaign to encourage abstonance. The slogan: “Have a special meal but not sex”. The campaign is known broadly as “Just a Meal for Valentine’s Day”.

Thailand’s “Moral Protection Centre” provides support for public, private, and social sector to widely promote moral ethics and values in the Thai society to create righteous conscience for all Thais.

According to Public Health Ministry, Thailand has some of the world’s highest teenage pregnancy rates, with 54 out of 1000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 giving birth each year. This compares to the Australian fertility rate of 16.1 babies per 1000 teenage women in 2012 (down from 17.4 in 2002).

The Ministry of Culture said that it recently conducted a survey suggetsing that 83 per cent of Thai teenagers planned to have sex on Valentine’s Day. The ministry apparently couldn’t say whether the survey was conducted with a magin of error, or what specific demographics were included. They’ve also asked that Valentines Day – now widely celebrated in Thailand – by about celebrating the “love of family, society, themselves, and country”.

The Thai Government has introduced the Twitter hashtag of #DinnerOnly to support the campaign. Officials from Thai’s Ministry of Culture are hoping teens will enjoy a meal with their special someone, tweet about it, and then head home – separately.

The Thai Government has reported that of all teen sexual experiences, 30 per cent of participants (women, usually) were found to have been willing, while up to 5 per cent were forced. The remaining 65% is somewhat of a disturbing mystery. The startling figure suggests that encouraging teens to enjoy a special meal won’t discourage sexual assaults. Maybe Thailand has their priorities wrong.

Thai military conducted a coup that was initiated on the basis of a ‘morality overhaul’ last May.

So, have a meal. No dessert.

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