Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” – Cop Style!

A video of a festively plump police officer lip syncing to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off has garnished the adoring attention it deserves – and it’s coming close to breaking YouTube.

The video was posted to Dover Police Department’s Facebook page on Friday. It features Master Cpl Jeff Davis in uniform, driving a patrol car, lip-syncing, finger-pointing, palm rolling, shoulder schnapping, head-rolling, and finger-snapping his way into the elusive ranks of YouTube’s elite.

Video not supported.


“While reviewing in-car cameras, we tend to see some ‘interesting things’. We decided to share some of them with you in a new series called… Dash Cam Confessions”.

The camera position, choreography, sound, and apparent music licencing suggests that this social media stunt was anything other than unplanned. That said: who cares.

The video has had 0 views on YouTube alone.

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