Waleed Aly’s Flawed “ISIS Is Weak” Video

Before you consider yourself influenced by the “ISIS is Weak” lecture Waleed Aly gave on channel 10’s The Project , it’s important to consider Waleed’s motivation.

Waleed is a Muslim himself that was once the spokesman for the Islamic Council of Victoria, he’s a radio host for the left wing ABC with radical left wing views, and he is a lecturer at Monarch University’s Global Terrorism Research Centre (despite his complete lack of qualifications). Islam is significant enough in his life that his wife wears a hijab… and he regularly talks about the ideas and ideals of Islam on left wing radio.

Waleed is, without question, a leftist apologist for Islamism.

To get a more insightful into Aly’s views, it’s worth reading Andrew Bolt’s website. Bolt claims that Aly “could be seen to have an agenda” because he was a Muslim and a former spokesman for the Islamic Council of Victoria when it “voted to make the extremist Sheik Hilali the mufti of Australia”.

Andrew Bolt is no fan of Waleed, and he regularly takes him to task on his ideals that seem sympathetic to extremist Islam.

There’s a clear bias that had to be declared for this video to be taken seriously.

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